Doosan B50XB22X-5 / B25X-5 / B30X-5/ B35X-5/ B40X-5/ B45X-5/ B50X-5

The bottom line for evaluating a lift truck is productivity and that’s where the PRO5 Series really stands out. Productivity of an electric truck is a combination of speed, control and energy consumption – which have all been achieved through several exclusive Doosan design innovations.

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  • Active Control Technology
  • Easy Maintenance
  • More Per Battery Charge
  • Rear Grab Handle With Horn
  • Operator Sensing
  • Intelligent Torque Control
  • Spacious Operator Compartment
  • Enhanced Maintenance and Serviceability
  • Virtually Maintenance-free Oil cooled Disc Brakes
  • Durable Twin Drive Axle
  • Integrated Instrument Panel