1.25 – 1.6 Tonne Electric Counterbalance Forklifts

Compact yet robust electric powered forklifts with capacities from 1.25 – 1.6 tonnes.

The Doosan B15R-7 range of 3-wheel electric powered forklift trucks are ideal for use in applications where space is at a premium. Built on a very compact chassis, these trucks have a small turning circle which makes them suitable for use in narrow aisles.

These trucks are available with lift capacities ranging from 1.25 – 1.6 tonnes and have lift heights available up to 6 metres. Their 24V AC power system and Active Control Technology (ACT) mean that these trucks will deliver simple, powerful performance in many applications.

These trucks are part of our wider 7 Series range of electric forklift trucks. Available with 3-wheel or 4-wheel chassis with lift capacities from 1.25 – 5.0 tonnes and various lift heights available. Find out more about these electric trucks here.


Doosan 1.6 tonne electric forklift

Models in the Range




Key Features

1.25 – 1.6 tonne lift capacities

24 Volt AC power system

Active Control Technology (ACT)

Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes (ODB)

Anti Roll-Back Technology

Operator Sensing System (OSS)

B15R-7 Brochure

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