BPSC15E-7 Lightweight Powered Pallet Truck

A compact, powerful powered pallet truck with a 1.5 tonne lift capacity.

Introducing the new Doosan BPSC15E-7 Lightweight Powered Pallet Truck.

This truck is built on a compact chassis and features a powerful drive motor, making this truck ideal for use in space restricted areas such as on board delivery vehicles and in retail stores where aisle space is reduced.

Featuring a built in UK mains charger and an on board battery indicator, you can effectively manage your battery usage and charge the truck when required.

Weighing only 190kg including its battery, this truck is extremely lightweight however the powerful motors and electric lift and lower functions enable the truck to transport loads of up to 1.5 tonnes; making this pallet truck ideal for use on vehicles with tail lifts.


Lightweight powered pallet truck

Key Features

1.5 Tonne Lift Capacity

Weight: 190kg

150mm x 540mm Forks

Built-In UK Mains Charger

Electromagnetic Brake

Electric Lift and Lower


Get in Touch:


(01604) 825 600

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