GC20P-5 / GC25P-5 / GC30P-5 / GC33P-5 / GC35S-5/ GC40S-5/ GC45S-5/ GC50C-5/ GC55C-5

Providing a well balanced mix of enhanced technology, operator comfort refinements, performance efficiencies and serviceability advances, these new cushion forklifts will increase productivity and lower your operating costs with features Like:

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  • Optimized Operator Comfort & Safety
  • Proven and Durable Components
  • High Powered, Fuel efficient, and Tier-3 Compliant LPG Engine
  • Low emissions and Minimal Vibration
  • Enhanced Maintenance and Serviceability
  • Virtually Maintenance-free Oil cooled Disc Brakes
  • Power Reversal Transmission
  • Lift, Tilt Locking, Pilot Operated
  • OSS (Operator Sensing System)
  • A Variety of Operator Friendly Features