BNL Bearings is the world leader in their field, with over 45 years’ experience they design and manufacture high-quality, moulded plastic bearing solutions. Up until very recently, BNL were using manual hand pallet trucks to move palletised goods around their warehouse. However, recently this had started to cause concerns for their operator’s welfare, as manually moving heavy pallets can result in back strains and other injuries.

The LPM is the very first lithium ion battery machine to be introduced by Doosan into the UK market and includes a range of features, including a compact chassis for extra manoeuvrability, an ergonomically designed handle for ease of use and an automatic braking function for increased safety.

“We work in narrow aisles, and had struggled with other pallet trucks in the past, so the compact chassis, reduced battery size and overall lift weight was a big advantage for us,” explains Will Windsor, Warehouse Manager at BNL Bearings.

The truck also features a plug-and-play lithium-ion cartridge battery which provides up to 3 hours operating time on a full charge and quick and easy replacement for use in longer operational cycles. Lithium ion technology means the truck has higher power efficiency, excellent acceleration and the ability to recharge in as little as one hour, resulting in less truck downtime and increased productivity.

Summing up Will Windsor comments: “The initial reaction to the truck is very good and the all-round supply and service from Doosan has been excellent. I am sure we will order more in the future.”

BNL needed a solution to reduce manual handling in their operation and saw the new Doosan LPM20N-7 lithium ion powered pallet truck with 2.0 tonne load capacity as the answer.

“We needed a truck that was more fit for purpose, the operators had been using hand pallet trucks to move goods and it was causing safety concerns,” explains Derek Ingham, Purchasing Manager at BNL Bearings. “We spoke to Doosan when we visited their stand at IMHX in September, and they recommended the LPM20N-7 lithium ion powered pallet truck.”

The all-round supply and service from Doosan has been excellent!
Will Windsor

Warehouse Manager, BNL Bearings

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