D110S-5 / D130S-5 / D160S-5
The Doosan design team has pulled out all the stops to give customers the most robust and durable machines in
our forklift product line-up. These powerful pneumatics with their increased capacity can handle the toughest tasks in the most demanding applications with speed, power and efficiency.
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  • Powerful and Efficient
  • Doosan Diesel Engine
    – DL06(5.9Liter) for Euro Stage
    – DE08TS(8.1Liter) for Euro Stage
    – 103 kW(138HP) for D110/130
    – 118 kW(158HP) for D160
  • Oil-cooled disc brakes
    – Service Brake
    – Parking Brake
  • Integrated Operator Instrument Panel
  • Pilot Actuated Hydraulic Control valve and Levers
  • Low Emission Engine
  • Optional Tiltable Operator
  • Compartment with or without Cab
  • Electrically Controlled Full Autoshift Transmission
  • Rugged Planetary Drive Axle
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