London To Paris Day 4
So glad that we did it!

Paul Watson, Commercial Director

1 August 2018

TeamDoosan took on this mammoth challenge of cycling over 300 miles in 4 days to raise as much cash as possible for our charities, but no-one really realised how incredibly tough it would be.

We’re currently sitting just short of £12,000 lovely pounds so any last donations could well top a very magical number.

After day 3, the organisers told us they had “serious concerns” about the incessant Sahara heat, the dangerous levels of dehydration and extreme risk of sun stroke for the participants. 2 in hospital, 30 per day picked up with exhaustion and other heat related issues – a new record for Global Adventures. But we all made it. And most importantly, all in one piece.

Battered beyond belief – yes.

Seriously pushed to the limits of human physicality – absolutely.

Glad we took on and conquered this challenge? Ask us in a few days.

Team Doosan Standing at the Eiffel Tower

Day 4 – The Final Chapter. Compeigne to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. We’d start at 6.30am to beat the heat, so we thought. Tired legs, sore hands and bums, we set off with one thing in mind – just surviving and making it to the finishing line.

One of us, even attempted to pay the organisers to lose his helmet this morning. It didn’t work.

“The weather gods smite thee” muttered one of us under his breath about an hour in, as the head wind just got stronger and stronger, and even the flats seemed like an uphill struggle. Then the black clouds and the rain came.

But the ride into Paris after another gruelling 72 miles was seriously one of the most amazing experiences any of us have had. Seeing one of the most iconic landmarks on our wonderful planet, which marked our finishing line, saw all of us with a tear in at least one eye, and some of us a little over-whelmed at just how much strength each and every one of us had shown.

What an amazing experience we have been so lucky to have had to opportunity of taking on, and we are so grateful to every single kind person, who has donated to our charities and for the hundreds of messages of support and encouragement we’ve received.

From all of us at TeamDoosan, a genuinely and heartfelt THANK YOU and any suggestions for next year’s challenge will be noted and looked at with contempt. However, here is the first “shout out” for more volunteers to join the Annual Doosan Charity Challenge, so if you want to make a difference and help those who need some additional support, please make yourself known to any member of the team and join the fun.

Thanks again and see you all soon.

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