1968 Forklift production begins
1978 First export of forklifts
1983 OEM contract with Caterpillar
1990 Over 50,000 forklifts exported
1993 Daewoo Equipment Corporation established (USA OHIO)
                Euro Daewoo sales operation established (Belgium)
                American UL and Europe CE mark approved
                Forklift sales break 100,000 unit barrier
1993 Established own overseas sales network with own brand
1995 ISO 9001 certification
1997 ISO14001 certification
                Reached exports of 100,000 forklifts
1998 Released the Dash 3 series of forklifts, called “G5 series”
1998 The Yantai factory in China begins production
1999 Doosan’s overseas network extends to 87 countries
                Forklift sales break 200,000 unit barrier
2002 Completed the world’s first EU Commission Sound Power Process
2005 Company is acquired by the Doosan Group
                The G5 series forklifts awarded ergonomic design grand prize
                Awarded FLTA Award for Ergonomics Excellence
2006 Awarded FLTA Award for Safety Excellence
                Unit sales break 300,000 barrier
2007 Pro-5 series launched
2008 Awarded FLTA Award for Safety Excellence
                Launched the 2.5 and 3.0 tonnes GX Series of economy trucks
                Aquired the Warehouse equipment company “ATL”(Now DILE)
2009 Launched the 1.5 to 2.0 tonnes GX Series of economy trucks
                Introduced our first series of stackers, order pickers & pallet trucks