1.8 – 5.0 Tonne Powered Pallet Trucks

Robust, German-Made powered pallet trucks which can transport loads between 1.8 and 5.0 tonnes.

Simple, Powerful Performance with Powered Pallet Trucks from Doosan.

The Doosan range of powered pallet trucks are available in capacities from 1.8 – 5.0 tonnes, making them suitable to transporting a range of loads from medium to large distances in a variety of applications.

These trucks feature an AC power system which can have fully programmable performance parameters, providing you with the right combination of acceleration, braking and lifting speed performance to suit your application.


Doosan Powered Pallet Trucks
Doosan Powered Pallet Truck Lifting

Compact chassis for improved manoeuvrability.

The new models of Doosan powered pallet trucks have been built on a compact chassis which provides a smaller turning circle; making them suitable for use in narrow aisles.

All of our trucks also feature an override function which allows the pallet truck to be operated when its tiller arm is fully upright, enabling the truck to be used in even smaller spaces. 

Designed with the operator in mind.

All of the Doosan powered pallet trucks have been designed to be simple and straightforward for the operator. Every model has a clear instrument panel so that operators can effectively monitor truck and battery performance.

The tiller arm of these trucks features a dual butterfly switch, allowing the truck to be operated from both sides comfortably. The control unit of the tiller arm features lift and lower buttons which do not require the operator to change hand position whilst using the truck; increasing comfort and productivity.


Doosan Powered Pallet Truck Transporting

Key Features

1.8 – 5.0 Tonne Lift Capacities

AC Power System

Ergonomically Designed Tiller Arm

Tandem Load Wheels as Standard

Regenerative Breaking

Electric Lift and Lowering Functions


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