LIN-Q Smart Telematics

Maximise Efficiency, Reduce Costs, Increase Safety

The LIN-Q Smart Telematics system from Doosan allows you to effectively manage your fleet with real time information straight to your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Optimise workplace efficiency

  • Manage individual vehicle efficiency by checking the real working time during operating hours and monitoring working/non working hours within operating time.
  • Calculate the optimal forklift units for your operation. Maximise forklift efficiency based on the same workload and deduct unnecessary forklifts or review replacements.

Ensure your trucks are in the best condition

  • Check key information such as: Afterservice history, breakdown history, battery charging/discharging information, location, fuel efficiency, operating hours.
  • Check for errors and replace parts in a timely manner.
  • Minimise equipment downtime.

Ensure safety of your operators

  • Ensure trucks can only be operated by authorised users.
  • Shock value monitoring

Key Features

Monthly Reporting

Shock Monitoring

Location Tracking 

Monitor Key Truck Information

Truck History Management 




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