Doosan Reach Trucks

We’ve designed this new generation of Doosan Reach Trucks to be strong, safe, stable, smart and stylish.

Simple, Powerful Performance

The Doosan 7 Series range of Reach Trucks have been designed to provide high performance in a range of environments; making them a reliable and efficient solution for many warehouse environments.

These trucks use a high performance AC traction power system and hydraulic pump motors, along with the ability to simultaneously lift, lower, side-shift and reach at the same time; increasing productivity and efficiency in operations.

Precise Steering and Hydraulic Controls

The Doosan range of 7-Series Reach Trucks are provided with 360-degree steering as standard, offering exceptional manoeuvrability in tight spaces. However, 180-degree steering can be programmed to the truck depending on your operators preference.

Along with exceptional manoeuvrability, these trucks are fitted with electronic fingertip control levers mounted to a fully adjustable arm rest; ensuring comfort at all times when operating the truck.

The addition of the clear display panel provides operators with a simple, yet effective overview of the trucks status including steering direction, battery performance and mast tilt angle.

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