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Free safety pack or outdoor pack on your new Doosan diesel truck

Doosan are pleased to give you the opportunity to pick your own additional extra for your 2.0t – 3.5t diesel truck – for free – during this promotion. Selecting from either the Safety Pack or the Outdoors pack you have a nice variety of choice that gives you a saving of more than £1,000 with your new purchase.



Speed Limiter | Engine Idle Shutdown | Tyre Saver


Weather Guard | PVC Sides

What do you get in each pack?

The Safety Pack‘s main functions are:

Speed Limiter
Detects that the truck is moving and then applies the throttle restriction to limit the truck speed. When the truck slows down, the limit is removed to allow full power for lift hydraulics.
Tyre Saver
Can increase forklift tyre life by 200%-400%, helping to reduce the requirement for new tyres from 2-3 sets per truck per annum to 1 set per truck per annum (depending on floor surface, type of tyre, and driving style). The operator is not able to select drive, except when the road speed and engine speed are below acceptable limits. This prevents the driver from abusing the truck by changing direction whilst in motion or by selecting drive with high engine speed. With the addition of an inching pedal switch, the clutch pack can also be protected from excessive wear in the same way.
Power Saver
Automatically shuts down a truck that is not being used. The length of time a truck can stand idle is adjustable to any value in seconds. This function helps to reduce fuel or battery usage and engine wear caused by excessive idle time, also preventing premature servicing.

The Outdoor Pack‘s main functions are:

The Weather Guard & PVC Sides offer a supreme amount of protection from the elements, allowing your operators the ability to work in all weather types throughout the course of the year.
With the ability to work throughout whatever weather the UK climate throws at them, you can ensure that you meet all of the demands placed on your business, no matter the weather.

With guaranteed protection from the elements, you can be secure in the knowledge that your operators aren’t being exposed to cold and wet which will improve their outlook on working on-site, as well as preventing the possibility of illness associated with working outdoors in the colder months.

What are the benefits?

The Safety Pack is one of the most popular additions on our diesel forklifts. It has been designed to significantly enhance safety for both operators and other pedestrians working nearby. This 3-function system ensures that all site safety speeds are adhered to, automatically shuts down the engine if the truck is standing idle for a set period of time, saving huge amounts of fuel and increases tyre life by 3-4 times.

Our Outdoor Pack comes complete with a Weather Guard and PVC Sides for the cabin of your fork truck, improving safety levels in all weather conditions, while offering your operators the ability to work unhindered come rain or shine, increasing productivity within a given timeframe.


Make the most of this promotion. Pick your pack now.

*only available to UK based businesses

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