Service Excellence.
It’s the Doosan Way.

Services from Doosan vary depending on your needs. We can provide everything from New & Used forklifts to Finance for your machine.

Think Differently. Think Doosan.

Industry Leading Parts Availability.

We take machine reliability and serviceability very seriously and this is achievable with the support of the state-of-the-art Parts Distribution Centre based in Northampton. 

When you rent or purchase a Doosan forklift, you can be assured of outstanding levels of support. Our 150+ mobile engineers service vans have an inventory tailored to suit the products that their local customers use and are supported by an overnight drop-box service.

The Doosan parts system is one of the most sophisticated systems in the industry. We use cloud technology all the way from our engineers tablets, to identify the correct parts required, through to being able to check stock availability in our UK, European and Global Parts Distribution Centres to offer the fastest and most efficient service to all our customers. 

  • Parts Holding: £1.4 Million
  • Located: Northampton, UK
  • First-Time Pick Rate: 96.4 %
  • Different Line Items: 9,200
  • Last Order Time: 16.30hrs
    (for Next Day Delivery)

Products Available:

  • Doosan Genuine Parts
  • Oils and Lubricants
  • Lube-Cubes
  • Consumables
  • Hand Pallet Trucks
  • Lift Tables

Outright Purchase At The Right Price

We design all our machines to offer simple, powerful and performance as well as operator comfort and environmental friendliness, that help you to get the most from your investment.

Our standard features include: Oil Cooled Disc Brakes, 3-year warranty, Integral Side-shifts, Clear Visibility Masts, Latest AC Technology, Anti-Roll Back Systems, Regenerative Braking, Intelligent Instrument Control, Easy Serviceability.

We will help you from the very first step in providing professional and friendly advice from your local Doosan representative.

By doing a full site survey visit, we will be able to make recommendations on how to make efficiencies and most importantly save you costs and even give you ideas and latest up to date information on different storage systems, warehouse technologies and distribution solutions.

Whether you need a powered pallet truck or a fleet of IC engine forklifts, Doosan are your perfect partner to help you get the most out of your materials handling operation.

Refurbished Machines

All our dealers hold a wide selection of used and reconditioned trucks.

The majority of our dealers’ used forklifts have been sourced from their own contract hire and rental fleets. This means that the history of each truck is known and will have been meticulously maintained by specialist engineers

All will under-go a comprehensive refurbishment program and will come complete with a current Thorough Examination certificate and a warranty.


Manage Your Fleet

The Doosan Fleet Management System (FMS) allows all customers to access real-time information on a 24/7 basis, ensuring complete transparency of your fleet.

Each customer is provided with their own login details, enabling them to have complete visibility of their equipment and its history; this online system allows customers to log breakdowns on a 24/7 basis, monitor uptime and fleet utilisation, request and authorise quotes for repairs, as well as review accounts information.

With the ability to log breakdowns and request call-outs online, there is no longer the need to make a phone call to report a problem. Once a job is registered online, the operations team issues it to a mobile engineer who will then action and arrange to resolve the problem.

The ‘Fleet Summary’ section allows the customer to monitor progress of any issues, providing a live indication of the estimated time of arrival of the engineer as well as an update on the status of the job and can also update you via email if required.

Live information is fed into the FMS website from the engineer’s tablet whenever they visit the site with all maintenance records being updated in real time. Bespoke FMS reports provide essential data on all of your equipment, including uptime, utilisation and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Truck Service Done Right.

Doosan Rushlift’s eight regional service centres are never far away and you have over 150 of our own highly-skilled mobile technicians strategically positioned from Land’s End to John O’Groats, at your service. We look after some of the largest blue chip companies entire fleets all across the UK in thousands of different locations, with customer’s fleet sizes varying greatly from smaller sites to huge distribution centres.

Health & Safety is a topic that is of paramount importance for everyone, and Doosan Rushlift are aware of the incredible impact effective service can achieve. We have the capability to demonstrate when the last inspections and checks were carried out via our Fleet Management System. Engineers are trained to the highest standards and are equipped with a full range of diagnostic testing equipment.

Our manufacturer-trained technicians are capable of looking after multiple brands and different types of mechanical and electrical products from floor cleaning equipment, access platforms, multi-directional and articulating trucks and we even have a specialist lorry-mounted crane division, which carries out service and repair all around the UK.

This all adds up to the best service offering in the industry and has proven time and time again, to take significant costs and management time out of our customers businesses, allowing them to focus on their own business.

Finance Packages To Spread The Cost.

To make best use of your finances, Doosan offers a variety of finance packages including contract hire and lease purchase options to suit your business.

We understand that allocating your available funds to a new forklift may not be the best use of your money and can certainly overcome budget restrictions, like getting CAPEX approved, we know is not easy and many businesses are choosing finance options as the most economical option for their company.

Monthly or quarterly fixed costs makes budgeting for the next 3 or 5-years easy.

Contract hire options are off-balance sheet and are separate to bank borrowing, so won’t affect your available credit and can, for certain companies, be tax efficient..

Ask your local Doosan representative to discuss your options with you.


Short Term & Contract Hire

A key to rentals growth in popularity is flexibility. Through Doosan there is no capital outlay, no maintenance worries and excellent availability with numerous different options to meet your needs. Doosan has a large fleet of rental trucks at your disposal, providing the opportunity to hire a wide range of top quality forklifts without having to sign up to long-term commitments.

As our rental packages are available with full maintenance plans included as standard, you can be certain of your total costs, even when you’re uncertain of your future requirements. One of the main advantages of short-term hire is that there is no minimum period required, so whether you require a machine for just one hour to help with a special delivery or if you are unsure of your future requirements, you can take a machine on a long-term basis but without having to sign up to a fixed contract, whilst having the option to off-hire with just one week’s notice.

Our fleet includes a number of specialist products and heavy machines, which are often only required for short period of time but on a regular basis and businesses cannot justify the capital outlay or continued rental of under-utilised assets, which is exactly where you can rely on Doosan to support you.

Our Products

IC Counterbalance

Our Internal Combustion Counterbalance is one of our best sellers. See why we’re taking over the market with our Award Winning forklifts.

Electric Counterbalance

Electric Forklift trucks are becoming more and more of a viable option for all areas of industry in the UK. See our range of trucks from 1.5 – 5.0 tonnes.

Warehouse Range

With an extensive range of Warehouse equipment built with German precision engineering, the Doosan Warehouse Range can assist any lifting needs.