The Battle of The Somme…

Paul Watson, Commercial Director

30 July 2018

I don’t think anyone expected this challenge to be so tough. Riding the 300+ miles in 4 days is hard enough, but to do it in over 40-degrees is just insane.

Today’s 76 miles of sweat, yet more blood and a few emotional tears, along with the numb hands, bums and toes, and a ridiculous amount of water being consumed in the all too familiar furnace-like conditions for hours on end, paled into the back of our minds as we rode through The Valley of the Somme, the home to one of the most bloodiest battles in human history.
In this French region in 1916, over 1-million men lost their lives in just 140 days, and the now quiet and peaceful countryside is now home to some 446 Allied and German cemeteries. Reading the names on just some of the thousands of beautifully kept white headstones, and the black crosses, their ranks and regiments, and sometimes their ages, really was quite moving, and a great sense of gratitude was felt towards these heroes and protectors of our freedom.

We were humbled during our ride today, and thankful for the Allies sacrifice.

We finished the day completely drained. Drained by the blazing sun, the unforgiving blistering heat, and the hills that seemed to go up and up, but also emotionally, but with the knowledge that  our last day – another 80+ Miles will see us end at the Eiffel Tower around 4pm.
By taking in this challenge, TeamDoosan wanted to raise as much money for our charities as we could, and we’ve done that – well over £10,000 now will be going to some amazing organisations and people that we all know really need every bit of support they can get. Please please please dig deep and support all of our worthy charities, your support really is most appreciated.

And finally, thank you all so much for the hundreds of texts, emails and messages of support we’ve all been receiving from back home – they have really made such a difference – even if they’ve brought some of us to tears (in a good way)


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